The Estate

The Estate

The Montefoscoli hill is located in the easternmost area of the Pisan hills, one of the most internal areas of the Tuscan coast, within the borders of the municipality of Palaia. Our organic and sustainable viticulture is contextualized in an area where the vineyard has been cultivated since the time of the Etruscans, who marketed wine from the Tuscan coast throughout the Mediterranean Sea. The varieties we grow reflect this long winemaking tradition.


Montefoscoli is located halfway between the sea and the Chianti Classico, this entails a double influence on the way of making wine. As far as red grape varieties are concerned, Sangiovese reigns supreme. For the white grape varieties, we focus mainly on coastal varieties such as Vermentino, but also on Viognier and Petit Manseng, directly overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.



Our Terroir


Soils mostly belongs to the Pliocene formation of Villamagna. Their origin is marine from the granular weathering of limestones and sands, which are intercalated with more clayey layers. This formation, widespread in the Pisan hills, finds in this area a greater limestone component In the form of rocks and gravels..


The subsoil hides layers of an ancient seabed that has transformed into the heart of our terroir: the blue marl.
The structure of the soils leads to the identification of parcels with a greater presence of clay and others with greater content of sand.



The Plots and the Farms


The hill of Montefoscoli tells of an ancient rural civilization (Museum of peasant civilization of Montefoscoli). The entire area surrounding the town is divided into a multitude of estates and farms, which identify different parcels, all bordering each other. Tenuta di Montefoscoli contains six of these farms. Each of them, based on their position, is characterized by a different and original micro-terroir unit. Our goal is to understand the potential of each parcel and convey it in our wines.